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Stranahan Theater | Toledo, Ohio

Aaron Lewis

Tune in to an incredible Thursday of rousing indie music this Thursday 28th March 2024 as Aaron Lewis turns up the volume at the Stranahan Theater! Earlier concerts have drummed up the hype for the remainder of our main star's nationwide outing, and they still have a handful of tricks up their sleeve for eager fans. Leave the musical mainstream for a bit and indulge yourself in the artful sound of this multi-awarded artist.

Inspired by a diverse range of genres, a symphony like nothing you’ve ever explored before will soar, highlighting strikingly poignant verses that will pierce your heart. Grab this chance to experience many of the star's biggest tunes LIVE, from their momentous debut album to their newest Billboard-breaking singles. Both fans and critics have lauded them as this era’s pioneering idols, so you’d be right to catch them at the Stranahan Theater, where acoustic quality is top-notch and facilities are first-class. Click the button above to claim your tickets today!

A concert special that's out of this world is barreling right at you this spring in one of the most anxiously awaited alt-music fests in this part of the United States! With widespread applause, the spectacular Aaron Lewis will fire up Toledo, Ohio, following its previous string of sold-out shows where it left a trail of 5 out of 5 ratings in its wake. The trip will then visit the iconic Stranahan Theater on Thursday 28th March 2024, inviting you and other avid fans to belt it out with these bonafide groundbreakers of their genre!

“My No. 1 band that’s been making some noise! I have no idea how they do it, but their songs are so uniquely beautiful. No one else can play what they play, and you all should absolutely see them if you have the chance!”
Behind the curtains of mainstream music, the world of indie tunes broadens its domain, inspired by the many staples that shaped the soundscape. This is what the upcoming Aaron Lewis will be celebrating! As one of this generation's leading visionaries and tastemakers, our main star will submerge you in a vast sea of magnificent symphonies, from their trailblazing debut tracks to the phenomenal ones of their newest best-selling record. Hypnotic instrumentations intertwine with evocative poetry and sweeping choruses in an unforgettable experience that’ll move you in ways simply indescribable.

Award-giving bodies have acknowledged the artist with distinguished awards and universal applause, confidently crowned as alternative music's future by fans and critics alike. Once the lights go dim, you’ll undeniably be thinking the same.

The Stranahan Theater of Toledo’s bustling downtown will offer a stunning stage for the show, highlighting an immersive ambiance and acoustic precision for crowds to engage in. As Ohio’s leading destination for live music, it features great parking and neighboring restaurants and bars for an entire going-out experience!

An exciting spring gig waits for you on Thursday 28th March 2024, from the one-and-only Aaron Lewis LIVE in Toledo's Stranahan Theater! To book your reservations, hit the “Get Tickets” link now!

Aaron Lewis at Stranahan Theater

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