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Stranahan Theater | Toledo, Ohio

My Fair Lady

Get ready for a period of joyful compositions, funny dialogue and thought provoking reflections with My Fair Lady on Sunday 17th December 2023 at the Stranahan Theater, Toledo, Ohio. Book your places now before tickets are all gone. Classic tunes, such as ‘I could’ve Danced All Night’, ‘Get Me to The Church on Time’ and ‘with a Little Bit of Luck’ will cause your soul to be won by My Fair Lady and remain there. Stranahan Theater and people nationwide cannot wait for Sunday 17th December 2023 and for My Fair Lady to resound throughout its building - make sure you are there to feel it too. Purchase your places now and ensure you are there on Sunday 17th December 2023 at the Stranahan Theater for My Fair Lady.

The most adored musical of all time, My Fair Lady, the timeless musical from way back in 1950, rejuvenated, revamped and better than ever before, coming to you only at the outstanding Stranahan Theater in Toledo on the Sunday 17th December 2023. Envision for a moment its 1920s London, you are in the world-famous Covent Garden Market, the streets are cobbled stone. The roadway is filled with tented stalls peddling flowers from all across the land, the smell of a hundred different flowers, the sound of a hundred stallholders selling their wares. Street urchins running about looking for unsuspecting marks, gentlemen in fine ensembles and tall top hats. Ladies in the most superb dresses. My Fair Lady tells the story of Eliza Doolittle, a young Cockney flower hawker, and Henry Higgins, a linguistics Professor who upon hearing her regrettably vulgar cockney accent takes a gamble with his friend, who is convinced the good Professor couldn’t possibly transform Eliza into the ideal “proper lady.” Get your tickets now for this superb new revival of the most perfect musical of all time, tickets are available now, but for a show this unsurpassed, they won’t be up for long so, don’t delay, book your place for an unsurpassed night out at Stranahan Theater in Toledo on the Sunday 17th December 2023

My Fair Lady at Stranahan Theater

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