Six The Musical at Stranahan Theater

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Stranahan Theater | Toledo, Ohio

Six The Musical

Theater shows are incredible, but for young children, they can sometimes be a little hard to follow. That’s why musicals are perfect for under 10s. With vibrant colours, joyful songs, and stunning characters, musicals are truly magical. They’re the perfect way to entertain the kids while keeping yourself amused, too. So why not come to the stunning Stranahan Theater in Ohio and be transported to a different moment in time when Six - Pop Concert Musical perform live on stage!

On Sunday 19th November 2023 SIX: The Musical will resound within the walls of the Stranahan Theater with a spirited lyrical debate among the ex-wives of Henry VIII, tackling the age-old query: Who's the unluckiest of them all?


Meet the ill-fated dames of unluckiness, from the OG queen consort Catherine of Aragon to Catherine Parr, "the one who survived." SIX: The Musical courageously transforms over four decades of 16th-century heartbreaks into a Tudors Got Talent sing-off of 21st-century energy. Belting out contagiously catchy tunes like "Ex-wives," "Don't Lose Ur Head," and "Megasix,'' this vibrantly dressed sextet will startle all those in attendance to their 80-minute homage to modern-day pop music and female dominance.

Steered and penned by Toby Marlow and Lucy Moss, SIX proudly exhibits the extra behind-the-scenes talents that earned it countless awards, including the 2022 Tony Awards for Best Original Score and Costume Design, as well as an Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding New Broadway Musical.

"As a creator, all you can desire for is that someone at one point takes something from [it], whether that's a laugh, or something to ponder once you've left the theater, or a feeling that lingers with you… I feel incredibly pleased and incredibly thankful that we have the opportunity to present this creation out there, which elicits optimistic and inspiring feelings," reminisces director/writer Toby Marlow in an interview earlier this year.

Do not stay silent. Do not whisper. Take these teachings to heart on Sunday 19th November 2023 when SIX: The Musical makes its impact at the Stranahan Theater, Toledo. Buy your tickets now!

Six The Musical at Stranahan Theater

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