Chicago – The Musical at Stranahan Theater

Chicago - The Musical Tickets

Stranahan Theater | Toledo, Ohio

Chicago - The Musical

Stride down memory lane to the glamorous days of flappers, fluffy boas, and fancy clip joints because Chicago is sailin’ smoothly into Toledo! Buckle up and see Chicago - The Musical as it throws a knee-slapping premiere at the unbelievable Stranahan Theater on Thursday 23rd January 2025. This winter, move back into the booze-drenched 20s together with Velma, Roxy, Billy, Amos, and the entire posse from the memorable Broadway smash hit that charmed the globe with its cascade of sparkle and beats. But don't be tricked by the fedoras - this production packs a punch.

Bob Fosse's seductive choreography, partnered with Fred Ebb's award-winning score, keeps the tempo upbeat and the toes consistently tapping. And the crowning glory? Audiences can embrace it all at the stunning setting situated in Ohio, where pristine audio and compelling visuals await. Don't dally! These wicked tickets are flying out the door swifter than a Tommy gun rumble, so grab yours immediately before they disappear!

It's showtime! On Thursday 23rd January 2025, be there as Chicago - The Musical treats shebas and gents to a spectacular showing at the incredible Stranahan Theater.

Slick, spicy, and full of intrigue - this well-loved storyline is brimming with schemes and shenanigans beyond anything you can think of! Velma Kelly, a vaudeville star caught in the crosshairs of accusation, parades across the scene with a flutter that is as fiery as a thousand suns. Roxy Hart, a innocent chorus girl with ambition to spare, is hot on her heels, more than ready to steal everyone’s attention and the crowd's hearts. Between the two, it's a showdown of sass and showmanship, powered by Bob Fosse's precise choreography and John Kander and Fred Ebb's piercing score.

And there's plenty of room for everyone, love! This ensemble is more intense than a speakeasy raid in July! We've got voices that'll blow your hat off, dance moves that'll make your pulses race, and enough stage aura to light up the entire Windy City.

Our word is our bond, you won't be disappointed! This Broadway show is probably the most razzle-dazzle presentation to ever strut its stuff in Toledo! Be transported to the roaring 20s - where velvet gloves hide stiletto blades and ambition dances with deceit. Everyone is guaranteed to gasp at every revelation and tap their feet to the music that'll stay with you long after the curtain drops.

On the topic of curtains, can we talk about the illustrious stage? We're not just adding a chic tablecloth on top of a card table here, folks. This is the incredible Stranahan Theater, a majestic dame herself, dripping with art deco splendor and acoustics that are rich! It's the supreme setting for Chicago's glitz and glamour, with an atmosphere reminiscent of a jazz club. Be a star, click the "Get Tickets" prompt, and witness Chicago - The Musical LIVE on Thursday 23rd January 2025!

Chicago - The Musical at Stranahan Theater

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